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quarta-feira, 20 de setembro de 2017

Tomorrow Never Changes

The pain of a heart filled with sorrow
Scars get mixed with the constant rain
Widening fissures in that road, so narrow
Can temporarily be drowned, yet remain

Blue sentiments buried underneath the sand
Of warm smiles that so well conceal
Munich import by the sound of the band
Very early at dawn, time for cereal

Constant changes revealing more of the same
Confusion spins memory of the same
Soft piano riffs, looping, set the tone

Different tempos always ending alone
The tender years of infancy through adulthood
The reasoning for it was never understood

Is there even any sense in trying?
Might as well continue living just for dying

The duty remains, so we might as well pretend

segunda-feira, 16 de janeiro de 2017

Hard to Believe

In that big and somewhat crowded room
Near a corner were you in a small group
Gorgeous and charming, my heart just went boom
Reminded me that dreams can become true
It took a bit of courage to approach you
Despite that, your wittiness, my mind blew

Having your contact, how should I proceed?
And after meeting you again, I must say
Long ago I thought it can’t succeed
Let’s prove me wrong, you’ve got my heart at bay