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sexta-feira, 2 de setembro de 2016

Move On

Life is made of distinct chapters
Meant to teach us important lessons
Those are not delivered to us as letters
But as challenges that embarks us in missions

Out of the many paths we can choose
The ending result is generally the same
Being softly guided or getting a bruise
To us is left how to play the game

Memories are ingrained in objects
People and scene come and go as needed
Some are loyal, others leave us cheated

Important to recall and distinguish
The flames of our personal hell extinguish
So to our ancestors can we pay respects

quarta-feira, 20 de julho de 2016

A Visão de Milhas Internas

Entre o caos dos mosquetes e baionetas
Há uma distância que lhe permite ouvir
Da voz do silêncio, verdades profundas
Diante do desafio, começa a rir

Pois diante desta nova situação
Encontra repetições de símbolos
Que aprendeu a ler com sua intuição
Surge a certeza que serão derrotados

Encontram-se já temerosos seus homens
Sua presença tão próxima inspira
Fácil tornando, marchar sob a cordilheira

Pelos cantos, na linha do horizonte
Surge um tipo de força diferente
Sem mais as correntes que lhes faziam reféns

Ao seus próprios traumas passados entender
A coragem faz triunfar por escolher

Ignorar respostas involuntárias
De nossas mentes, em excesso cautelosas

Estamos aos flancos, cavalaria, carga!

terça-feira, 19 de abril de 2016


Born unexpectedly in despair
As the future unveiled through the haze
That the cause was lost and beyond repair
I signed in and found you through the maze

Like then, I have a sleepless night
And you gracefully listen to my moans
As disasters happen this bond grows might
Hours we both spend over our phones

In my most frail moment in the battlefield
You did not leave me, but stood by my side
Even far away, still alongside

Through the vines and hardship love has bloomed
Defying what distance says is doomed
We Wait for the day we unite unconcealed

terça-feira, 1 de março de 2016

The Cruel Break


Since the day the fog has covered it all
A night away from the great adventure
Felt the backstabbing as in a shock I fell
The rooster remained silent as a gesture

When the realm of possibilities was dark
Staring at the hotel’s Gideon’s Bible
Meanwhile the hopeful fox began to bark
As I shiver with thoughts of her vile

Two of us in the most basic of the rooms
The Mean one was so difficult to care for
A heart attack after how fast he runs
A peaceful agreement reached by us four

The Bully was left headless on the ground
The Fifth was the last and next to the Fat
Suddenly, when the path again I had found
We hugged as she cried, flanked by a cat.

domingo, 24 de janeiro de 2016

Snow Paths

My wife made this image to mock my preparations and behavior during the historic blizzard that just hit us. Below is my response to the mockery.

By the window I can only see naked trees
Covered in snow, they stand tall
When chaos keeps people out of the streets
As food is not a certainty for all

With a knife I cut the cheese in slices
In a small farm miles from the city
Scavenge for a ration of cereals
The stomach sounds are far from pretty

Three feet of snow keeps my surroundings locked
I stand with the easily annoyed
Casting my dreams as solid as stones

Plowing snow with a regular shovel
Against the blizzard, proud stands the rebel
Helping to build the atmosphere are my headphones

terça-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2016


A súbita mudança de espíritos
Como um freio à beira do abismo
Me causou um choque dos mais violentos
A mudança de tratamento supremo

Conversas escancaradas ao telefone
Com o fino propósito de disparar
Reação negativa o suficiente
Para o instinto da besta despertar

Desculpas para aparente doença
Apague da mente! Quer que eu esqueça
O aceitar de um motivo infantil

Como as sementes que germinam em abril
Queimadas as pontes no aeroporto
Onde a página virou por completo